Matt Raven

Smooth, resonant, tall. Really tall.

If chocolate had a singing voice, it would be called Matt Raven. If you need to reach a high shelf, you would call Matt Raven. If you want the ladies to go weak at the knees…well, you get the point.

While the rest of us are whimsical artists, Matt has a grounded and powerful passion that shapes the group. Half of the musical discussions we have end with one sentence from Matt where he sums up everything we need to know and how to do it – think Silent Bob from the Kevin Smith movies. It also helps that his buttery smooth voice just automatically makes you want to agree with anything he happens to be saying.

While we’re pretty sure that his memory can only hold one verse of lyrics per song, Matt’s beautiful cello-like resonance fills out our sound more than any set of words ever could, making him an integral part of the low foundation to 6 Minute Warning’s sound.