Nathan Willis

Power, oomph, chutzpah.

Some groups might be scared of someone who CAN’T CONTROL THE VOLUME OF THEIR VOICE, but we here at 6 Minute Warning love guts and glory. Putting the gritty blasting power of CCR’s lead to shame, we once forgot to turn on Nathan’s microphone in a performance and people still couldn’t hear the rest of us.

And although he packs a mighty punch, he manages to do it with subtlety and grace. Nathan’s experience in rhythm and bass is an essential part of our writing and musical direction. He’s also studied the intricacies of sound design, so where you hear a car driving he hears an engine hum, tires running, the car’s chambers creaking, and that grasshopper that just got run over.

Nathan’s thick tenor fills out the middle of 6 Minute Warning’s sound, giving us that extra power that keeps our audience glued to their seats.