Tim Noel

Timothy is 6 Minute Warning’s larger than life tenor – in physique and personality. Genre knows no bounds with this seasoned performer – he’ll light a fire producing his hip-hop tracks late at night, wake up and inspire the masses with his gospel renditions at a Sunday service, and then go on to sing his heart out to a full stadium.

Of course, putting a voice that is used to filling stadiums in a group of 6 and trying to still hear the rest of us has its challenges. When we’re not reviving audience members from the sheer sonic shock of Timothy’s powerful voice, we’re searching for a microphone that won’t shatter in his hands when he hits his high notes. Not that we’re complaining – with a voice as smooth as Tim’s, you don’t mind that every bone in your body is resonating with his beautiful tones.

While he could be our personal security, we’re way happier to have his incredible talent filling out the tenor range of our sound.